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*Go check out my newest of designs, artwork, video screen savers and a lot more....It's all at: AnimateMotions.Com

*Check it out...Then check it out again~

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J. Michael Piper - Silent Fear
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United States
Advertising Video Presents *Silent Fear*
My Brand New Album *Inter - Enter Course* is coming soon!…

*Silent Fear*
This Is My Digital Bride...
And She Is My Guide...
That Will Take My World...
From So Narrow Of A Ride...
To A Realm That Is Forever Open Wide...
A Kingdom Where I'll Never Ever Hide,..
And Because Of A Broken Pride...
All Of Them Had Bad Excuses And Had Lied...
~continued at the bottom~
___8888,____"88XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX8)8I____.8Xxxxxxx (O X8))

There from my past at a time did not last...
32 bands that came, for long did not cast...
A player of my caliber as Metal i play...
For this is my stylized way and forte'...
But over the years there were 3 bands...
That made me their drummer...
and king of their lands...
But their time has came and went...
And because of their impatience...
they now live in a tent...
So listen to this gig...
Instrumentals...I've recorded to play...
They do kick ass...and after you hear em...
You'll all want to stay!

- The Artist....J.Michael Piper
The Silent Fear Metal Music & Video Project

J. Michael Piper
-Artist . Composer . Owner . Designer . Musician . Producer . Recording Engineer-

AnimateMotions.Com™©2017 All Rights Reserved
Three Song Instrumental EP Album
"Inter - Enter Course"
The Reason And The Story For Why This Was Created:

  *When there was nothing, there was something and the nothing became nowhere. The nowhere contained particles, atoms and molecules. Then after an infinite amount of time, it was as it was...but then came a point of which time itself wanted to live. It was at that very moment when three random atom particles met for the first time. They we all in the same place but were only neighbors and had not had the luck to cross paths with each other...that is when randomness gained a slight variation in it's molecular structure and ever so slightly tilted on a blank wave, but enough of a tilt so that some of the heavier atoms were by gravity pulled and pushed together. At that very point, the three neighbors met. And it was an explosive meet because these three atoms caused a reaction in each other that was random and of course accidental. But nonetheless they met...and a great Big Bang Explosion then occurred, and that bang was so explosive it began expanding exponentially outward at the speed of light. Our known Universe Was Born. This happened about thirteen point eight billion years ago. Somewhere in this brand new place an entity began living. Time was born. And having enough time makes anything that can be impossible, possible. Somewhere deep in the created Universe there lays a magnitude of particles that have met and they began multiplying at the speed of infinite amount of multiple entities were being created, but there by a random act, one of those particles had been fused with another that was so compatible that between the two created their own unique specimen and of the two, one entity became pregnant...basically, When the entity Spread Thee Legs, The Seed Inside became fertilized with star dust. She's been pregnant for ten million years. Now she is getting close to giving birth. What could this vast accumulation of stars be giving birth to? In space only a Silent Sound Of Birth will be heard and no one and nothing will be listening...
-Continued On Reverse-

The birth will take place and it will begin growing at the speed of light. After only a very short span of time, in the deep, dark vacuum of space this growing power has something to look forward to and the entity will be known most likely as some kind of will become what was thought of to have already existed, but only now, in this day and time, this entity will discovered by a living, breathing mass of specimens that are in great abundance, living and inhabiting a very small part of a solar system, on a big, round rock known by the organisms that occupied that planet as Earth. Among all the 8 billion human organisms on that planet, there is one who is writing this story here and now and applying it to a body of multiple sounds, that in unison, those organisms that can appreciate the entire string or medley of those sounds simply love to listen and live and breathe that bodily moving influence...and that ever growing body of power that recently came into being decides to follow the sound it hears to where it originates and will have to join as one with it. There is no prophecy. No telling of the coming of this entity. The organisms that occupy that planet will know when or even if that entity decides they are a worthy species for that entity to attach itself to. Time will tell...but mostly how that race called human beings, functions so that they deserve such a greatness to help them prosper in great abundance and possibly extend their lifetimes and fix them to be perfect, unlike they are at the present time...
This all makes sense when you think of the Inter that Enters The Course that time, which is the only true measurement, must transcend time and space...and when it arrives, everyone will come to understand why it is here, now…but the humans must improve themselves far beyond what their course is at this time...

SiLent Fear™
J.Michael Piper

SilentFear™©2017J.MichaelPiper All Rights Reserved
AnimateMotions.Com™©2017 J.Michael Piper
All Rights Reserved
  • Listening to: Megadeth
  • Reading: Fruit Loops Cereal Box
  • Watching: A Safari
  • Playing: Scrabble
  • Eating: Grapes
  • Drinking: Pepsi



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New Album 3 Song Instrumental EP by Silent Fear
"Inter-Enter Course"
Check it out at: FeaR.html


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Erediell Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Reply to your comment on one of MikaKashira's deviations:

She blocked me, but her entire gallery is literally a collection of photos off the Internet.
drumthrasher4hr Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2017  Professional Filmographer
Thanks, I'll see if I can access
Erediell Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
All right :)
Just right click on the picture in subject and do a Google image search.
drumthrasher4hr Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2017  Professional Filmographer
No access...probably took it off. Thanks though
MinamiShots Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
katgirl13 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016
Well since you birthday is in a few days I want to wish you a Happy Birthday!
drumthrasher4hr Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016  Professional Filmographer
Well thank you so very much Kat! I have been so busy with the election coming up.
I designed an ad for this woman I met who needed a Bernie ad with Ben n Jerry's
Ice cream came out good, but I've been doing some funny videos
of Hillary Clinton (Humpty Hillary) and of Donald Trump (Trumpty Dumpty) lol
You can go see them on the cartoon page of my website.
Yep 5 more days until my numbers change from 5 2  to  5 3 ugh...yesterday I was 21, lol
katgirl13 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2016
WOW-your ads sound amazing! You do have some wonderful ideas! I'm going to have to check them out too! I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday early just incase-I didn't want to forget! I know what you mean-seems like yesterday almost that I was in my 20's-personally late 20's to early 30's is a great age & seems like once I hit the 40's I started to feel a bit old!
drumthrasher4hr Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2016  Professional Filmographer
Well thank you so much Kat! Oh yeah my ads are quite remarkable!
Yep hitting the small 5 3 in a day from now...still haven't got used to the fifties yet!
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LennoraSilverstone Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
No problem Heart
By the way, if you enjoy erotic/romantic novels, you can have a look at my gallery and if you like it enough, add me to your watch list.
I am posting parts of an erotic novel I am writting and, soon enough, will be giving the whole book out to my watchers for free :) (Smile)
drumthrasher4hr Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2015  Professional Filmographer
I'll have a read of your work and give my opinion on it if that's ok.
But how did you find me? I'm not really a writer, although I do
write a bit of a story under each of my posted works, but it's not
anywhere near erotic as per say what you say you write...just
mildly curious now...oh, nice legs by the way...I caught your picture
from your page...I was in a hurry for the moment, but will check out
your stuff momentarily...if that's ok
LennoraSilverstone Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
A girl has her secrets ;)
drumthrasher4hr Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2015  Professional Filmographer
All of us artists do have secrets...I'll let you in on one...
Click Here to see it:…
Not many people know I do this style of artwork...
It's a little out of my might be able to use them as an
image that suits your writing...just ask and I'll say yes...ok
katgirl13 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2015
Cool-Thanks for the llama!
drumthrasher4hr Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2015  Professional Filmographer
You're very welcome Kat! I like your name...musicians call everyone "Kat" like..."That is one cool kat
bangin out a good set of drums!" or "That Kat can wail that guitar!" :wave:
Hey guess what I've just about finished...
Now I haven't actually heard of a band or anyone doing it...but..
I have been putting together my newest 5 instrumental songs,
then adding the pieces to a real short video animation of a big
swirling black hole like in outer space, then my project name
"BanginAx" which fades in and fades out continuously and under it
is the album name "A Super Massive Black Hole" and after a second
it gets sucked into the spinning hole as the name 'BanginAx' fades out,
and it does it over and over again through all 5 instrumental songs...
I call it my "Animated Music Video Album EP" I working on the ad for it now.
I'll be charging $9.99 for the download file and $19.99 for the DVD Disc.
What do you think of the idea? Don't tell anyone, if you do, then tell every one! lol
It's a :sprint:  Hell of an Idea I think!
katgirl13 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2015
Thanks! I have noticed musicians use the term Kat a lot! But I picked the name katgirl due to I love & have cats & had the nickname because of it-like if I get in a conversation with someone & they sometimes say hey your the Cat Girl!  That is so great-I got to have a hear of it when it's available-hell I'd even want to buy it if I can! I LOVE the idea & I wont tell anyone until it's time!
drumthrasher4hr Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2015  Professional Filmographer
Thanks...the instrumental that I put on the EP is the music
that I wrote to our lyrics, "Big Pants" but I changed the title
due to circumstances about what people are doing to the hard
work I put into creating the music that I do. The new title is
called "No Response" kind of fits as I said because that is
what I have been getting lately...go figure, lol You're not one
of those people that have like 200 cats are you? To be truthful,
having that many of one kind of animal, overstates the "Good
Pet" philosophy in that how can you name them all, and do
any of them have a purpose other than laying around, licking
themselves, trying to eat your goldfish, sharpening their claws
on your couch or having to de-clump the cat box, or even having
to pick up all the excess litter that the cats push out of the box
all over the floor...sorry...I'm a dog person more than anything. 
But it's been hard since I had my last pet, which was a German
Shepard that was the best pet anyone could have...Kipper was
so sweet to people, but to those that had any kind of bad intentions
or karma she'd spot in a second and start the growl...letting me know
she doesn't trust them, so neither would I...she sadly developed
arthritis real bad and I had to euthanize her because she was in pain
and I didn't want her suffering any longer, so I had to be selfless
and let her go...she died right on my lap...saddest day of my life. It
still chokes me up, even now...I haven't been able to get another
dog to replace her because there are no pets allowed in the places
I've lived, so it still gets to me...**Sniff Sniff** got to me again...
By the way, here is a link to the song if you'd like to hear it...…
or here is the link to All my music:…
If you check it out, thanks in advance! I'll still thank you if you
tell me you did...alot of people say they did, but when I look at
my statistics it shows the didn't...oh well, what can I 
(1 Reply)
soloact-the-bard Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015
Happy  B-Day! :party: :cake: :ahoy: :D
drumthrasher4hr Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015  Professional Filmographer
Hey thanks Solo! Yep, a big whole number now at 52...but I still feel like I'm barely legal! lol
Thanks again my friend!
soloact-the-bard Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2015
Ah, spring puppy :lol:
Gbriel1234567890 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014  Professional Artist
To upload a video to DA just do it as you would do for youtube.
drumthrasher4hr Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Professional Filmographer
ScommeSexy Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013
drumthrasher4hr Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013  Professional Filmographer
  . • ○ ° ★  .  * . ♫♫♥   ○  .  ♫♫♥ °  . ● .    °♫♫♥ ☾ °☆  ¸. ● .  ★  ★ ° ☾ ☆ ¸. ¸  ★  :.  . • ○ ° ★  .♫♫♥  * . . ○ ¸ .   °  ¸. * ● ¸ ♫♫♥
Hey there SS! You're very welcome! I made that Batman n Robin up on the spot...I couldn't believe it came out ok! lol
Anyway, have a great day and si hello to the model for me! A very sexy and desirable woman!
Keep on pointing that lens and clickin! And thanks for the llama!

  . • ○ ° ★  .  * . ♫♫♥   ○  .  ♫♫♥ °  . ● .    °♫♫♥ ☾ °☆  ¸. ● .  ★  ★ ° ☾ ☆ ¸. ¸  ★  :.  . • ○ ° ★  .♫♫♥  * . . ○ ¸ .   °  ¸. * ● ¸ ♫♫♥
valeryace Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
"Is my work so damn good that it leaves you speechless, or in this case, TYPE-LESS?"

I just don't get it at all, the nude chick I get it but everything else just seems alien to me.
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